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Visa rules - change or more of the same?

The Government has made a lot of noise about its new ‘Australian Style Points System’. However, some now argue that when you look closely it is not really that different to the current UK visa points-based system. In most cases in future you will need to be paid the same sort of salary as now. You will also need to have a job offer and meet the English language requirements.
One difference is that jobs will need a minimum skills level of RQF Level 3 instead of RQF Level 6, which should mean that more people qualify. In other respects, it looks as if the changes are relatively minor.
Under the new scheme 50 points are awarded to Tier 2 visa applicants who can demonstrate the following: a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (30 points); meeting English language requirements (10 points); and having enough funds to support themselves while in the UK (10 points). The remaining 20 points are allocated by having a salary higher than the minimum threshold of £25,600.


The changes come into effect in 2021, and follow a lengthy campaign by Spice Business and the British Curry Awards. The so-called vindaloo visa was delivered by Government as promised at the British Curry Awards. But ironically the need is less now that we have so many curry restaurants closing down. As one restaurant owner observed, “Who needs to bring people into the country from overseas when so many people are looking for a job.”