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Take ginger, turmeric and lemon juice to lower blood sugars

An attempt to smear the reputation of one of the country’s most famous Indian restaurants has been condemned by its owner as “totally unacceptable”.

Earlier this month a man, who declined to be named, called the Epsom Guardian claiming Le Raj on Epsom Downs had been raided by police and immigration officers who had arrested two members of staff while one had escaped.

In fact the UK Border Agency (UKBA) officers had merely carried out a routine compliance visit on May 9 in plain clothes and had gave the restaurant a clean bill of health.

The restaurant’s founder, Enam Ali, a leading figure in the British curry industry, said: “I’m really shocked. I can’t believe someone said that. It’s unbelievable.

“When you find someone saying nonsense and trying to mislead people and the community it’s totally unacceptable.”

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Fruits and juices are generally harmful to people with high sugar, except for lemon juice. It contains sugar, but the amount is tiny, and lemon juice neutralises the influence of products with a high amount of carbohydrates because of the acids in it. However, do not drink neat lemon juice as it can harm the stomach. Just add some water or mix it with a salad dressing.