Take ginger, turmeric and lemon juice to lower blood sugars

Blood sugar levels are a vital factor in the health of human beings, and a rapid increase can cause diabetes. The only way to control blood sugar levels is to rethink nutrition and there is evidence that ginger can greatly assist in this context. Gingerol is one of the key components of this plant and can neutralise glucose without insulin. A study on rats by American scientists has verified this fact, it is reported.

A component of the popular curry spice, turmeric, can also help to lower blood sugar levels. Curcumin, polyphenol and antioxidants play a vital role in this process. They reduce the amount of glucose in the blood by slowing down its formation.

Fruits and juices are generally harmful to people with high sugar, except for lemon juice. It contains sugar, but the amount is tiny, and lemon juice neutralises the influence of products with a high amount of carbohydrates because of the acids in it. However, do not drink neat lemon juice as it can harm the stomach. Just add some water or mix it with a salad dressing.

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