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Johnny Depp with meal at Le Raj Restaurant in Epsom Surrey

Johnny Depp and his entourage wowed diners at Le Raj in Epsom after choosing to eat dinner there.

Staff at Le Raj, an Indian restaurant in Epsom, were only made aware of the visit of the A-list celebrity actor moments before his arrival.

Members of Mr. Depp’s entourage scoped the venue out ahead of the Hollywood actor crossing the threshold alongside legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople

“It was a bit of a surprise!” Le Raj’s Proprietor Jeffrey Ali told the “They made sure the security and everything were hunky-dory and then when they told me it was Johnny Depp, I thought I’d misheard,” Mr. Ali added, commenting on his surprise at the visit of two of the biggest names in film and music.
“He was a really lovely guy, the nicest guy in the world and just like any other guests really — laughing and joking, they didn’t demand any special attention,” Mr. Ali said of Mr. Depp and his group’s visit.

It was not the first time Le Raj has hosted well-known faces, with politicians and sports personalities having previously dined there.
Nevertheless, such illustrious company as Mr. Depp and Mr. Richards was particularly striking, not least because of their global profiles but also considering they both live outside of the UK most of the time.

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As for the A-listers themselves, it seems they were very taken with the authentic subcontinental food on offer at the Epsom establishment.

“We had some delicious onion bhajis and extra bits and pieces prepared for them so they could take it on their plane.

“I think the onion bhajis were their favourites of everything we did,” Mr Ali said.

The staff were proud at such illustrious company visiting their business, he added.

“We’re quite chuffed to be honest…with someone who doesn’t live anywhere near us especially.

“Honestly he’s the nicest chap, really respectful to everyone and he went in the kitchen, saying hi to the staff and going out of his way to say thank you to everyone.”