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Drive through and eat in solution to lockdown woes

Restaurants have had to think outside of the box to survive through the past year’s lockdowns. One of the more unusual and innovative solutions has come from Spice Village in Croydon which has introduced what it claims is the first ever drive through, in-car service operation in the UK, taking advantage of its large and accessible car park to continue receiving customers during restrictions on inside dining.

Spice Village has been through a challenging year, losing around 80% of its revenue. To bring in much needed business it developed a unique idea, offering a service for diners looking to enjoy their meals, Covid-safe, on their own in their cars.

The restaurant developed a tray design able to fit into the windows of any car whatever size. Customers drive into the car park and order their meals through contactless menus while sitting in their vehicles; they then keep their front car windows open for the waiters to slide these trays into their vehicles before serving their meals on them. Spice Village even set up background music in the car park for customers to enjoy while having their meals.

The first customers tried the drive through, eat in-car experience in May and the feedback has been positive so far. Whether it will continue after the restrictions end remains to be seen, but it offers a ready made solution to any future lockdowns.