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BBCCI announced NRB event in Bangladesh


The inaugural Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) Global Business Convention is to take place this October, organised by the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BBCCI), in partnership with the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce.

Launching the convention, Enam Ali MBE, President of the BBCCI, said that the hard work of NRBs was less appreciated in many ways in their country of origin. “In Bangladesh we are expats, and here we are immigrants – and those two titles are not good to have every day.” He added, “NRBs have contributed hugely to Bangladesh and UK and made a big difference to many peoples’ lives. They have helped transform the country’s cultural, economic and social structures and we want to celebrate that success and engage with the new generation.” The BBCCI believes it is very important to celebrate the amazing successes in the world of NRBs and that is the main reason for organising the gathering. The event consisted of first part with delegates from 19 countries and second part was the NRB seminar and dinner conference attended by over 300 guests.

The NRB Global Business Convention will take place in Sylhet during the week of 21st – 27th October 2017, at the Abul Mal Abdul Muhith Sports Complex Arena. It will aim to encourage more businessmen, businesswomen and younger generation professionals to visit Bangladesh; celebrate the NRBs’ success story; showcase the best of the Bangladeshi traditional music, food, water sports, history and promote Bangladesh made products.

S R Ranu, Director General said: “This is a first-time event which will highlight the benefits and input of NRBs to the development of Bangladesh, recognise them, showcase Bangladesh products and services to the world, encourage the younger generation to follow this path and help the BBCCI to promote bilateral trade.”

The Convention was launched in London at a meeting attended by 19 Bangladesh Chamber delegates from Russia, Portugal, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and the USA, as well as the UK, the Former Ambassador to Bangladesh, and representatives of the Greater Sylhet Association. The BBCCI received full support for the idea of the Convention from all delegate countries who attended the launch event which included Delwar Hussain – Secretary, Bangladesh Centre, UK, Md. Muhibur Rahman – President, Beanibazar Welfare Trust, Nurul Islam Mahbub – Greater Sylhet Development & Welfare Association, Shahanoor Khan – Secretary General, British Bangladesh Caterer’s Association, Dilara Khan – President, BBCWE, Mahbub Noor – Secretary, Wales Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Abdul Halim – President, Italy-Bangladesh Welfare Association and Ehsan Haque- President, SBBS amongst other delegates.