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About Spice Business

Spice Business is the perfect vehicle for business to business advertising within the industry. The magazine, which has been published four times a year since 1998, is the only independent voice within the industry and has the highest circulation, reaching decision makers at both their home and business addresses. We are confident that your advertisement in Spice Business will make a big impact on your target market. The magazine not only reaches the right people, it is actively read by them as will. The articles included are of direct interest to entrepreneurs and those involved in the management and operation of curry restaurants across the UK, making this a ‘must-read’ publication.

Spice Business is colorful, stylish, entertaining and filled with news, information and articles of interest to everyone right across the British Asian community as well as those active in the spice restaurant sector. As a result it is suitable for a wide range of advertisement types.

Spice Business not only reaches the right people, but it actually gets read, because it tackles the issues that matter. The latest survey conducted by GBR indicates that its active readership is now above 100,000 people.

As well as publishing this well-respected and well read magazine, Spice Business status in the industry has been enhanced by the fact that it founded and organises the annual British Curry Awards. Launched in 2005 these are now widely regards as the ‘Oscars’ of the industry.